Automatic Dark Mode Brightness Setting Improvement

The current automation of dark mode could be improved a lot. I already have my brightness setting at 50% and the app is still dark. I really don’t go full blast on my brightness unless I’m in direct sunlight. There should be a setting where users can set their own threshold where dark mode will be enabled just like in Tweetbot.

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+1 for that! When I’m indoors my phone’s brightness rarely goes beyond 30%.

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It’s something we’d like to allow for more configuration indeed, unfortunately it’s not at the top of the priority list so I do have to ask for some patience with this one.

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I would +1 this request.
An alternative could be to have a keyboard shortcut to make the switch between the 2 modes. That would be faster and less distracting than going into the app settings.

Again, I’m going to reference Tweetbot here because they have a great implementation of dark mode, they use a two finger swipe gesture for switching light and dark mode. It works flawlessly. Gestures is a good way if you dont want automatic switching based on your screen brightness.

It’s unfortunate that you guys are not prioritizing this because it is included as a “Premium” feature but basically for me the automatic dark mode is useless. Thanks!