Autocorrect on Mac

Hey, when I use Agenda on my mac, I have a lot of typos, which slow me down, because there is no autocorrect like there is in Pages, Word, or iMessage, for example. Will we get that soon? I’m not very good at typing, so it’s a bit annoying to me haha!

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You can already, simply activate while typing in a note by selecting Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Check Spelling/Grammar while Typing

Yeah. When I select those options it then shows when I’ve misspelled a word, using dotted underlines, but it doesn’t automatically correct it when I’m typing, even though I have “Edit" > “Spelling and grammar” > “Correct spelling automatically” checked.

Strange, we’ll investigate.

I’m having the same problem. And when I go to Spelling and Grammar > Check Spelling/Grammar while Typing it works temporarily then fails again. This just happened a minute ago.

Thanks for confirming, we’ll take a look.

I have a similar issue. If I type too fast, it will not autocorrect. But if I pause, it will usually work.

A quick update to let you know we have found the cause and are working on a fix.