Autocorrect not happening

What I did: type any text anywhere

What happened: turned on and off and on Correct Spelling Automatically

What I expected: auto correct spelling

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  Nothing happens.  No red lines or flags. This has been going on since started using the app. It happens on Mac Stuio, iMac Pro, and MBP.   Check document works.   Version 15.0.1 (237) Mac OS Mont 12.6

I just checked, and it is working in my copy.

Here is something to try:

  • Make sure you select a note, and can see the cursor flashing in the content area of the note where the text goes
  • Now go to Edit > Spelling and Grammar, and make changes

The changes should stick, but if they don’t, try restarting the machine and doing it over again.

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Cool. Working now! Thanks!