Auto save tags

I have become accustomed to adding tags to my notes so I can find them by tag later.

What I would love to see is an option to auto-save tags so they appear on the left panel, or at least automate the process of transforming a tag into a saved search.

This is something other apps do but we don’t feel this is a good fit for Agenda. You can manually create saved overviews based on tags yourself but searching for the tag, then click/tap Save as Overview.

Dang! I really hoped this would be a thing. I’ll see what I can do to adapt.

Thanks for the quick reply though!

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The „Search All“ Feature could be enhanced by leveraging a weighted tag cloud. Yep has this for OpenMeta and Finder tags and its a fantastic feature for narrowing down a search. Every tag you click narrows down the search results and the remaining tags in the tag cloud.

People (like me) that are using tags through their whole digital ecosystem would really like that.