Auto Populating Calendar from Assigned Dates on Agenda Notes

Hey Agenda Team (& everyone)

I was wondering if there was a feature I’m missing or can’t find. Is there an option to have Agenda auto populate all my events into its own Calendar (without having to assign each note to a event created in Apple Calendars). It be great to just turn on the calendar in apple cal, see all the notes i made with assigned dates. I know once you have a calendar event in apple cal you can select which calendar it exists on so that would be really quick and nifty.

Anyways, love the app. Ill stick to creating events and attaching agenda notes to them for the time being if this feature doesn’t exist. Thanks everyone!

I see where you’re coming from, but we decided not to have this kind of automatic event creation be possible from within Agenda. First to prevent the risk of spamming accidentally a calendar full with unwanted events, but second because while you do have the option to assign a date to a note, you can’t assign a time for the note. Which means that for the majority of such auto-created events you’d still need a way to set the time, making it more complex. For now, the closest is the plus button in the popover when assigning a date, it allows you to create a new event from there, prefilling any already assigned date.

Totally understandable. One of my google accounts auto populates a bunch of email spam so I turn that one off in my Apple calendar and leave the others up. I have a few that I bounce between such as my Microsoft calendars and google calendars. Many people don’t know you can Select which calendars your looking at or know that then can create an event and switch it over to another account in the app. I suppose an agenda calendar separate from the rest might get confusing for some people. Thanks for the reply!