Auto correction when using the pencil (scribble)

Obviously, Agenda uses the Scribble feature of iPadOS 14+. However, there is an auto correction built in, even when auto correct is switched off in the iPad settings. So, when I tried to handwrite “Bild”, which is the German word for “picture”, it was changed to “Bill” - hm.
When rummaging about for a solution - by the way, there is not yet a proper one - I found a little work around, which is not perfect, but helps at least with frequently used words:

Hope it helps
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I’m afraid Scribble is in the hands of Apple. We have no access or control over the text recognition or corrections.

I seem to recall it is only officially supported for English and Chinese for now. Perhaps that is the issue. If it is, I’m sure they will add other languages this year.

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I heard the news, that German will be supported with the next update.

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yup - rumors say it will come with iPadOS 14.5 next week. Anyway, the workaround still works with constantly “corrected” names and such…