Auto-Collapse Notes



I find that after a session with Agenda when I’ve worked on or viewed notes in several projects, many notes are left un-collapsed, which makes thing messy for subsequent browsing, search results etc. At the moment I have to remember to “Collapse All” in each individual project. It would be nice to have an option in Preferences to “Collapse all when leaving a project” or a menu option for “Universal collapse”.

Ken B


Interesting idea, but not sure. Seems like a corner case. I think most people will have some notes collapsed, and others uncollapsed, and the Collapse All is a fairly fast way to do what you want to do. I think automatic collapsing could go against the philosophy of the app. Eg. You use “Related Notes” to check something out in another project, and come back to find the note you were editing is collapsed.

Thanks for the feedback!


I suppose it depends on individual preference, but if it was a configurable preference then people could chose. Alternatively, a Universal Collapse (unlike Collapse All) could be selected from the menu, when and if it is required, to collapse all notes in all projects as a general tidy up. I would be interested in other users’ thoughts, although it appears from what you say that it will probably never be implemented.


Never say never, but I think we would need to hear a lot of people requesting it for it to gain momentum.


So, where is this “Collapse All” item in the Project menu? I went hunting for that this morning and came here to find where it might be.

Ah… never mind. I found your answer elsewhere as being Solved!

Coming soon to an Agenda update near you.


I’m confused by this question. There is a “Collapse All” in the Note menu. Is that what you are searching for?


I’m sorry @drewmccormack. I guess I’m confused by your question, now. I’ve not mentioned that I’m using the iOS version exclusively. Sorry about that.

I now see from further research in this Community, that you do have this Note Menu in the Mac version, though I found no reference to an iOS Note Menu. This might jusst be my bad search skills.

I again went back through my iOS app and can’t seem to find this choice on any menu there. Apparently I don’t know where the Note Menu is. It might be staring me in the face… an “if it was a snake, it would’a bit me” sort of thing.

I’ve found these menus in the iOS version:

  • three dots menu on a Project title in the left side bar
  • gear wheel menu in individual notes that will Collapse one note
  • the jump menus in the notes view when clicking on the Category and Project titles

Obviously, I’m missing a whole bunch of functionality in the iOS version because I don’t know where this menu is. I’m happy to be schooled on this one, sir. :grinning:


Sorry for the confusion, the Collapse All functionality is not available on iOS, only on Mac (under the Note menu).


:neutral_face: Please, do not apologize for misunderstanding. The confusion was of my making, alone.

May I then add +1 for such a menu item to be added to the Project menu in the left sidebar, or below the sort order option on the Project jump menu?

The minimal real estate available on an iPad encourages a desire for neatness. Collapsing All notes is more about tidiness then access. After all, the jump menu provides the access. Even icons on an iPad are in an excruciatingly orderly grid. The iPad creates a habit of orderliness for me that is seriously lacking in other areas of my life. :blush:

(P.S. Thank you for the spell check in another topic post. I’ve gone back and edited my IOS to iOS.)