Auto-calendar event assignment

I’ve struggled to incorporate agenda into my routine, and I think it’s because of the inertia required to get a new note created. I found inspiration from Otter’s app, which I think would make sense for Agenda:

Context: Otter, like Agenda, has access to my calendar. Otter uses this in a helpful way:

  1. When a meeting is starting, I get a push notification from the app to one tap begin recording
  2. When I begin recording during a time when I have a meeting (whether from push or not), Otter default sets the title as the name of the meeting

If Agenda could default (or optionally default) assign a calendar event to a new note created during the time of the event, I would certainly use that feature.

(Let me know if any of the above is unclear. Also, Otter is a great recording/ transcription app that has a generous free tier, so if nothing else, take a look!)



Hi Ryan

Nice suggestion!

One thing that would also need to change to make this seamless, is that Agenda would have to allow you to start typing in the note before assigning it to a project. At the moment I find it a pain to create a note and then get distract and waste time deciding which project it should be in and/or creating a new one. I use a pseudo-inbox as a workaround, but still have to navigate to it.


Great suggestions, indeed an area where Agenda could make things even easier, we’ll keep this in mind.