Auto-adding bullets when idle

Noticing that since last update Agewnda is auto-adding bullets when idle and in the middle of a bullet list.

Bug appears to remedy itself once more than 3 bullets are listed out. The screen shot shows what it looks like:

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That is odd. Can you explain the steps you take to get that behaviour? I would like to repeat it myself.

Also, do you see it every time, or just sometimes?

I’ve also seen checklist cirlces added to the first line of a note before I start typing anything apart from the title.

same here

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Any steps that allows us to consistently reproduce or induce this issue would be of great help, let us know if you find any.

I actually saw this too once or twice. In my list to investigate.


I have a similar issue where empty checklist items are being added to notes. About 1 every 15 seconds. It is bad enough that I can’t use Agenda until it is fixed.
I can attach images of the behavior. As to what I am doing, I am just adding or editing entries in the Agenda.

edit: On a whim I turned off iCloud sync and the problem stopped. Unfortunately this is not a feasible workaround because I need a planning app that syncs across multiple computers

Which language and keyboard are you normally using?

We’ve just released a new mac beta that we believe should fix the issues you raised, could you give it a try and let us know if that’s indeed the case? You’ll find the instructions on how to install it here:

same here and the latest version 9.3.1(117) is not helpful

OK, this is very odd. Can you perhaps make a screen capture video of this happening? Maybe I can see something from that.

You can send the video to

Also, check that all syncing devices have the same 9.3.1 version.

I assume you see this same behaviour in all your notes, or is it only in very particular notes?

This helps, thanks!

So one of the devices was on an older OS? Just curious in case we get this from some other customers.

I have 2 Macbook pros, one at home and the other one at the office. At first, I only upgraded agenda version on my office computer and the problem exists, so I temporarily shut down icloud for a workaround.

After agenda on both computers were upgraded, everything was fine.

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Ah, good to hear that helped. Let us know if there is anything else we need to address.

I am seeing a weird thing where every 20 seconds or so, it’s adding a bullet to my note. So after a minute, I have a long list of bullets. When I click in the note and delete a bullet, all of the auto-added bullets get removed.

All of my devices are on 9.3.1

edit: It does appear to be a sync issue. When I close Agenda on all devices but one, I can type into the note no problem. When I have multiple devices open at the same time, I see the extra bullets, and some data even gets deleted / overwritten.

Interesting. Is it reproducible? Can you just make it happen by taking a few steps? If so, what steps need to be taken? Eg where is the cursor? Is the note in edit state? What is showing on the other devices?

For those who see this:

  • Are you syncing between multiple macs?

  • Which OS version are you using?

  • Is it always happening on one device? Or sometimes on one and sometimes the other?

  • Do you see it when you have the same note with a blinking cursor at the same time on two devices?

  • Do you see it also on iOS or do you sync with iPads/iPhones?

This happens on my Ipad consistently at all times when working with a bullet list. It really renders the IPad app unusable for me at this time. I’m not even sure I’d say “idle”, it just as soon as you stop typing.

I’m syncing across two devices - a 2019 MacBook Pro, and a 2018 iPad Pro (11 inch) Mac is 10.15.3, and Ipad OS is 13.4.1, both agenda versions are 9.3.2

Thanks for the follow up, we believe to now have found the cause and have hopefully fixed it, it will be part of the next update. Many thanks for helping us fix this issue!