Autcomplete Person tags

When I type the @ sign and the first letter or two of a person’s name, it would be great if Agenda could try to auto-complete it for me based on previous Person tags, so I don’t have to type out the person’s name in full.

I use TypeIt4Me for now to approximate this functionality

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Agreed. We would indeed like to have autocomplete for tags and people. It’s high on our list. Stay tuned!

I found a problem this morning when I tried to create a tag using the tag command “new" on iOS:
So: If I write: #date(feb 7,2019)
and hit the space key everything is fine and the tag is regularly created; if I use the key “NEW” (see pic attached here) I had a lot of problems, because I can write the date regularly inside the orange strip, but when I hit space or enter part of the date jump off the tag.

Is this in version 5 or 4?

Agenda iOS is on version 4.1

Ok, thanks for letting us know, we’ll investigate.

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Hi Alex, I am testing the version 5 right now and the problem is even there. I will tell more about the new version later.

Yeah, that’s what I would suspect indeed

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This is a known issue. You can’t currently use the NEW button to create more complex tags, just simple ones.

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