Audio Recording

Please consider having this feature for meetings. It would be easier to track and archive meetings. Thanks. (Even Lectures)


This has indeed been requested quite a few times, something we’d like to allow for at some point.


While looking into recording audio, it would be amazing if you could time-stamp the notes I take during the recording so that as I fast/forward through the recording, Agenda would highlight the notes I took at that audio timestamp. I used to use an iOS app called Notability that did this and it was amazing. This functionality does a few things:

  1. I can clarify the notes I took at a certain time in the meeting for a sanity check.
  2. Go back through the audio as I review my notes to makes sure I captured everything.
  3. Easily index the audio so I can jump to a part of the audio that I want to hear over again based on notes I took.

Time-stamping the notes in coordination with the Audio file would be much more helpful than just attaching an audio file to a note.