Audio Recording

Please consider having this feature for meetings. It would be easier to track and archive meetings. Thanks. (Even Lectures)


This has indeed been requested quite a few times, something we’d like to allow for at some point.


While looking into recording audio, it would be amazing if you could time-stamp the notes I take during the recording so that as I fast/forward through the recording, Agenda would highlight the notes I took at that audio timestamp. I used to use an iOS app called Notability that did this and it was amazing. This functionality does a few things:

  1. I can clarify the notes I took at a certain time in the meeting for a sanity check.
  2. Go back through the audio as I review my notes to makes sure I captured everything.
  3. Easily index the audio so I can jump to a part of the audio that I want to hear over again based on notes I took.

Time-stamping the notes in coordination with the Audio file would be much more helpful than just attaching an audio file to a note.


I’m desperate for integrated audio recording with time-stamps (the same way OneNote does it, Noted does, AudioNote does it…). Those other apps all do it, but they are missing the calendar integration you have. For Agenda to add this feature would be a landslide victory! In fact, it’s so important, I have to abandon my Agenda license until it’s added - I simply cannot work without it. And it’s insane to try and manage more than one note-taking app. PLEASE make this feature a priority. Thanks!