Audio recording and automatic transcription request

Hey, I was looking around some apps and I just remembered something: wouldn’t it be cool for agenda to have an audio recording feature incorporated into the notes? As we use it to record briefings, meetings, etc, it would make sense to have an audio recorder, possibly with the option to transcribe the text, in order for us to easily edit it and create our notes.

This is something that exists in notability and omnioutliner 3. Someone probably have already suggested it or even you guys. Anyways, looking forward the new agenda update.

This is indeed a popular request that we hope to address in a future update. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, if this feature can be implemented, linking it with apple watch would be fantastic.

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I would use this! Recording followed by transcription makes the best use of the (very good) native Apple transcription because it can overcome the time limitations imposed by Apple. I am making more and more use of dictation rather than typing.