Attachments Quicklook

Saw the new update today with the attachments. Looks very good and works quite well. But I have one comment in the flow that does not work like I expect from the application.
When you click a file in the finder you can press space for the Quick Look and I (and everyone I know on MAC) uses it a lot.
When I click an attachment within Agenda and I press Space after it it deletes the Filename. A flow when clicking and space for quick look like we’re used to in Finder makes more sense to me. Idea?
Keep up the good work!

Glad you like the attachment feature. Given that we have the images inside a textview, the spacebar is not a great option for triggering QuickLook, instead try ⌘ + clicking the attachment and it will invoke QuickLook.

Please note that space does actually work, but you have to first select the attachment — and only the attachment — for it to work. The cmd-click works better IMO.

Kind regards,