Attaching web links to a note

I sometimes add web links in notes for future reference. When I add the link it comes up as the web link itself which is at times not very descriptive of the content I am working with at that time. In the same note if I use the drag and drop method I get the title of the web link/article, but when I insert it into the note I get the non descriptive web link again. Am I missing something or could there be a way to get those descriptive titles when adding them to a note. Thank you for your time and effort that you have already put into this app.

Do you mean when you paste in the web link, it is not descriptive? In that instance, Agenda won’t have access to the title. It would have to go to the internet to get it itself I guess.

When dragging in a file, Agenda gets details of the file, not only the link, and can use that to make a nicer looking link in the text.

Does this explain it? Or am I missing the point?


It may be a hardware issue. The drag method did nothing for me, but I think I have figured out a work around that will suit my needs. Thanks again. I can’t wait to see we you have in store next.