Attaching Google Drive files--No Preview/Quick Look

What I did: I attached a file from my Google Drive to a note.

What happened: The file is attached, but I can’t preview it on iOS or Quick Look on Mac. I click on Preview/Quick Look, and the file doesn’t open. On Mac, a window pops up that shows the file with a lock icon on it. That suggests that I somehow need to give Agenda permission to access my Google Drive, but I don’t see an option anywhere for that.

Is this a known Agenda/Google Drive issue, or is there a way to get this working? Thanks.

It sounds like you didn’t actually import the file, but just made a link to it. You would want to actually copy the file into Agenda to be able to view it and sync it etc. If you use a link, the best you can do is open it in another app.


Ah, got it. I was actually hoping for a link to the Google Doc that would open directly in Google Drive, but that works.

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It may be possible to create such a link, but I think you would need some special google doc URL. Eg. “google://note/123”. Don’t know if such a thing exists.

I’m an avid user of Bear and love how I can link to a file instead of embedding the file.

I typically link to files using Dropbox because it’s so easy from within Finder. I also use Dropshare. Google and Box both work as well.

It seems to me that if I embed the file in Agenda, that takes up a lot of unnecessary space and sync time.

*** UPDATE ***

The first time I tried to link to a voice memo, I just use the Share menu and copied the “link”. This was how I had embedded the file.

Then I decided to save the voice memo to Dropbox and copy the link. That did exactly what I wanted, the same as Bear :+1:t2:

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Note that on the Mac, if you hold CTRL when dropping the file, you get a link to the file, rather than an attachment. Maybe that helps too.

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Thanks Drew! Happy to have learned this! I’ll stick with Dropbox though because of its simple Finder integration