Attaching an exisiting note to a new calendar event

I have an agenda note and have just created a calendar event and the exisiting note is relevant to that calendar event but I can’t see how to assign that note to the event. I can see how to add a new note to the calendar event, so if I created the calendar event first it’s easy to create a note that ties in with it.

There will be times when the note starts out first and the event comes later and I need to be able to connect them. I guess I am missing something simple here???

In the existing note, “copy as” > Agenda Link; open the event in Calendar, paste the Agenda Link into the event.

If you have a note already but not yet linked to an event there are a couple of options:

  1. select the note, then click on the event in the related panel on the right, it will ask if you’d like to link the two

  2. drag the note onto the event in the related panel on the right, it will link the two

  3. tap the calendar icon in the top right of a selected note, it will open the calendar popover and you can tap/click the event on the right half of the popover that you want to link to, then tap/click save.