Attaching alias documents

Hi I would prefer to have the ability to attach document aliases rather than the original documents to notes in Agenda.
This way I know that I am making changes to the same document.

I have tried to attach an alias but when I try to click on the document icon to open the original documents I get this:

bookmark88Ëfl√±æ¡AˇÃUsersrobertodanieleaDropboxaROBERTOProjectsRe-Entry AustraliaRe-Entry costs Australia.xlsx 8HXhÑ∏iXµ £

–‡ 0A¡“‰¡k˙ı file:///Macintosh HD† htAø˚à$164CA74E-AF2A-366F-899C-2D10AF5BE3ECÅÔÔ/NSURLDocumentIdentifierKeyˇ4dnibxlsx???˛ˇˇˇ¨@t@dTúUúVî T ƒ ‘ Ë ¯ 40 î¿®¿ ¿∏–Ñ"ê`ÄÑ

Easiest is to drag the document in (mac), and hold in the CTRL key when you drop. That should make a link, instead of attaching the file.

Kind regards,