Assigned date and timezone

for several notes I assigned dates which appear in the upper right corner of each note.
Now, as I am on holiday, I traveld to a different time zone and see a different date (have a look at the pictre). For the 15.07. I assigned to date to the 15th just recently.
I am not sure if it is correct to show „14-15.07.“ Shouldn’t it be still „15.07." even though the setting for the time zone is different? I expected to see „15.07.“ in both zones. Only when using time it makes a difference. But not when defining a fuill date event.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-30 um 21.20.59

In which timezone were these assigned, and which timezone are you in at the moment? Also, did you create it on mac or iOS?

Oh, yes. Good questions, here the answers: Created on MacOS, timezone Iceland. Picture was taken when in Germany (Germany is 2 hrs later than Iceland). Both, MacOS and iOS show the ‚wrong‘ dates.
E.g. Iceland 8 am means in Germany 10 am (summertime). In wintertime is one hour difference.

Thanks, we’ll try to reproduce

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@mekentosj: Back in Iceland the dates are ok again.
I changed one date while in Germany and, back in iceland it had the same problem (14.-15.07…).

Ok, thanks, I’m going to have a look

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Update: We believe this issue should have be fixed in the upcoming version 11.2 update, please let us know if this is not the case.