Assign colors to projects independently

Accent colors currently applied to all projects?!
Different colors should be able to be applied to each project.

We considered this, but it makes the app very cluttered and difficult to use. We decided it was much more effective to be able to quickly see which category a project belongs to. In that way, ones with the same color are related.

That was our thinking. We can reconsider in future if things change. Thanks for the feedback!

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I understand your reasoning. Still, it would be very nice to have the option to color projects differently within a category.
That would not be confusing to me at all.

Thanks, Tom Q

Relatedly, I wish the main project view color-changed according to which project you were in, so if my project color is green in the sidebar, the theme would change to that color when I was looking at items in that project

this would be helpful for navigation

and also kind of cool

We have indeed considered this but it then likely clashes with the accent colors that we adapt from the system settings, which is why we didn’t go this route.

Adding another perspective here, which I hope may fill a gap in the conversation:

For users with ADHD and similar challenges, color is a powerful handle on the chaos. Where neurotypical folks find a lot of colors distracting, for us the ability to do things like assign each project a unique color helps us stay focused and oriented. Not coincidentally, ADHDers tend to be the power users, because we have so many simultaneous ideas and balls in the air.

If it’s an insurmountable technical challenge, I understand. But for the ADHD contingent multiple color options is a power tool. I hope you’ll reconsider.

Thanks for the feedback, that’s very useful to know, we’ll take it on board.