Asking for some shortcuts

Hey guys, just downloaded Agenda a week ago because I read something in Reddit and it’s one of my best decisions. It have some amazing features and I can’t stop discovering things. Thanks devs for such an amazing app.

Anyway, I’m using it with Goodtask for reminders as I think is an awesome app too. But I can’t find shortcuts of those apps.

I would like to ask for your favorite shortcuts of Agenda (goodtask too if someone else uses it). Because as I said I’m just discovering the potential of the app.

Thanks in advance!

The “Shortcuts” section here is for automating Agenda with the “Shortcuts” app on iOS. I assume that is what you want, not keyboard shortcuts.

If that is what you mean, the best place to start building them is this page: X-callback-url Support and Reference

It tells you what you can do with the x-callback-urls, which you can use with Shortcuts.

Others also post their shortcuts in this section, so looking through might give some good starting points.

Kind regards,

Yes I mean the iOS shortcuts, but I was asking if people could share some examples as I’m new and I have not experience some cases of use.