Ask about new note status: "cancelled"

I’ve been reviewing my Agenda notes from all of 2021 to do an end-year summary, and one thing struck me: I had a lot of notes open because I never got around to do whatever that note was about.

Deleting the note wouldn’t be right because it contains valuable information. But marking it as “done” feels confusing as I haven’t done the thing: I am simply deciding to let it go and keep it only for record.

Being able to set a note to “cancelled” would help me have a clearer record here.


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I believe I’ve seen this been raised before. I can see how it makes sense, but at the same time I’m not sure it warrants a dedicated option. Perhaps the best way for now is to mark it as done and add “- Canceled” to the title for example. Technically the note is “done” but only because the project or task was canceled/stopped.

We’ll keep it in mind though, perhaps down the road a (customisable “status”) option would be the way to go, not sure yet.

Another way to handle this might be with tags. You could put a tag in the note at the top or the bottom like “#cancelled”. You can then search for that, and even make an overview of cancelled notes. We hope in future to improve the options for filtering and searching, so you could perhaps even hide those in some cases.


Personally my solution for things that are not “done” (in the sense of completed) but are not active anymore is to collapse the note.

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The problem with tags and/or renaming is that you can’t batch-update notes that way. A status change I can do in bulk for all notes I’ve selected.

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