Article: Agenda Developer Team Featured In App Store!



Just went to the App Store to do my updates, and was met by an article featuring the beginning, development and thinking behind Agenda! I think other users may find it as interesting as I did - well worth a read. Congrats, @mekentosj and @drewmccormack - very well-deserved :blush:


Thank you @Zoe, here’s the link to the article btw:


Thanks - hope everyone will read it! :blush:


Saw a blurb on Agenda in the App Store in an article “Three Noteable Note-taking Apps”. Will definitely read the bio. Thanks.


Here, here! From last winter, Agenda completely won me over and Agenda quickly replaced other apps, (plural) that I had been using for my workflow as well as other needs.
Never, have I ever, seen such easy communication with users as I have seen with you guys! The app top notch, but the crew is even better than the app, if that is possible.
Kudos!!! Very well deserved!


Totally agree with all of that! I discovered Agenda in June, & it literally overnight became my go-to. The programmers are super-helpful & the community is vibrant. Top marks all around :+1::blush: