Arrow key behaviour on iPad

If I have a note selected, and I press the down arrow key, it should simply move selection to the next note.
But instead the entire scroll view scrolls down, which is a jarring experience (try to do the same on Bear or any other editor and it feels more natural).

The two aren’t really comparable. Bear only shows a single editable note at a time. Agenda uses a timeline where all notes are editable.

In Agenda, it makes more sense that if you are changing the selection to the next note, you want to go to that note and make a change, or at least see it. Bear and other apps just have a list of notes, but that is not where you edit notes. It’s just a different approach.


I’ve shared a video here to show what I mean.
If I have my first note selected, and I press down arrow, the entire page scrolls in order to get to the next item.

But if my selection is on the second item, and I press down arrow, the entire page does not scroll, but just the next item gets selected (which I think should also happen in the first case)

Thanks for the video, makes it very clear. We’ll see if this can be improved.

Thanks, hope it gets fixed soon :slight_smile: the entire page scrolling causes a flicker in the screen (as shown in the video from 10-13s) - it does not look good when using it.