Are you backing up our data?

I’ve posted before about having data vanish temporarily. Today Agenda crashed and when I came back in, many of the notebooks were blank (and I have a lot of notes in each of them). I restarted and my notes reappeared. But there was a moment of great alarm. It may have been just a display issue, but I think we as users that are investing ourselves in using this app need re-assurance that in the case of data loss from the app, there would be some way to recover our data.

Can you add some function to back up data locally on the mac at regular intervals or manually. What would you have been able to do for me if the notes did not re-appear?


That is definitely a display glitch. Restarting the app should fix that.

In terms of a backup, I recommend Apple’s built in backup: Time Machine. If you have that turned on, it also backs up your Agenda data, and all other data.

Note that if you have the sync for Agenda turned on, with iCloud Drive also turned on, Agenda does put a copy of the data in the cloud. This could work as a backup if needed, though it wasn’t really intended for that purpose.

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Being iOS only, this is a concern for me. Any chance to do snapshots that are saved to iCloud Drive (like Ulysses)?

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We don’t have any built in backup, because Apple already backs up all the data on your device to iCloud. We also have iCloud sync, which acts as a kind of backup: if you device were to be stolen or broken, you could install a new device, sign in to iCloud, and it would sync up the data you had.

Note you can also export: swipe a project, and tap the … button to see a Share… button. Export in Agenda File format and you have a duplicate of the project. If you were paranoid about backups, that might be a a way to ‘snapshot’.

Right, but in your last post you said iCloud isn’t really a backup (and I agree), but the export will be OK.

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The issue with your situation (iOS only) is if there is a bug in the system and the data get corrupted or overwritten or deleted. The ‘backup’ is going to be corrupted at that point too. Isn’t it?

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If the backup were to run after the corruption, yes.

With macOS, Time Machine keeps a history of backups, so you would be safer in that case, ie, could go back to before any corruption.

I guess this applies to all apps, and any app on your phone. If there is a corruption, you do have a problem. The iCloud sync provides a bit more piece of mind in that case.

If you are really worried about it, I would recommend using the export I mentioned to regularly put important projects into Dropbox or a similar file system.

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Yes, you can export but not as agenda file format. So there would be no way to bring them back in except manually. Export/Import Agenda would do the trick. And that ould also make it possible to share.with others that have agenda.

There is an option to export in Agenda format.

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Your use of the words “Apple already backs up” is a little misleading to me. Corruption starts with any particular iDevice (if there’s more than one )and that corruption is synced to the Cloud. From the Cloud it is then propogated to each other iDevice, as Agenda is opened on that iDevice. So in my understanding their is no Apple “backup”. Agenda needs to provide a full app sequential export/backup option of the app to the Files app, not one to export Project by Project.

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It depends on what type of corruption it is. The most common type I have seen is simply that a file on the disk is messed up (eg hard disk failure or an untimely crash). In that case, the file simply is unreadable and the app crashes. It would be unusual for this type of corruption to propagate to other devices, because the sync would generally not ever succeed to begin with.

Other types of corruption are possible, of course, and there would be cases where it was possible that the corruption spread. Hopefully these are rare, and an iCloud backup or Time Machine backup can help you.

Are you able to explain how to ensure icloud backup is on (in terms of Agenda) i.e. where in icloud do our agenda files live

iCloud sync will be on if you go into the Settings app or System Preferences (macOS), and into the iCloud section, and…

  1. You are signed into iCloud
  2. iCloud Drive is turned on
  3. If you manager the apps, Agenda is allowed to use iCloud (should be the default)

There are no files kept in iCloud. We use a different storage tech called CloudKit, which is more like a database in the cloud. You can’t directly access the data, and it wouldn’t make sense to do that, because it is in a very convoluted unreadable form.

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If I export to the Dropbox as Agenda format, can I retrieve my Agenda data for the future?

You can certainly import the files that you export, yes. It isn’t sync though. It is just a snapshot of the notes at one point in time. If you import it again, it will create duplicate notes. It won’t merge into the existing ones.