Are agenda:// links private?

When an agenda link appears in my calendar, does this mean anyone clicking the link can read my notes?

Many colleagues have access to my agenda, so I’d like to make sure they can’t read my meeting notes.

I’m also new and was wondering the same thing about sending an agenda link or file.

Yes, agenda:// links are private. An agenda:// link is a link to the data in the app on your local device. If that device doesn’t contain that particular note, it simply won’t work.

Agenda is a native app, and stores data on your device. We don’t have a web component at this point, so there is literally nothing for others to see without physically stealing your device.

We do transfer data through the cloud for sync purposes, but that is in a special unreadable format, so is not available as a web page or similar.

Hope that helps!

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Perfect, thanks very much!