Archiving Projects

As I’m starting to use Agenda, I’m trying to work out how I want to break things into projects. To me, it makes sense that you’d have a lot of small projects. For example, a project for a feature in some software I’m making. My question is – what would I do with that project in Agenda once the work is done? I want the notes to remain searchable and accessible, but don’t want them in the main UI anymore, distracting me from stuff that I’m actively doing.

My thinking is that “archiving” a project would make it still searchable, but take it out of the main UI. Maybe there’s an option to “view all” or “view active” so that you can still easily get to archived projects.


It seems you’re reading our mind :smiley: Indeed allowing a project to be archived is what we had in mind as well, we figured that we better first ship the app instead of further delaying the 1.0. We argued people would first have to create the projects that they’d later would want to archive anyway :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, definitely on our list. Thanks for the feedback!


That’s awesome, glad it’s already on the roadmap. Lack of archiving is one of the things that always makes me hesitant to use Apple’s Notes or Evernote so I’m glad that we’re on the same page.

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A workaround in the meantime is just to create an Archive category and drag old projects into that.


Yup, that’s what I’m doing :wink:

Wish I’d thought of that sooner!


How is it going?

We are very busy with image/attachments and Mojave support just at the moment. We will get to archiving at some point.

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Hi, I was wondering what the progress was here as I also have this same (kind of) propblem.

For me it is Uni students that finish Projects. While the overall research themes in my lab last years usually, the people come and go, and their involvement in larger projects (termed Category in Agenda) finish.

So I’d like to selectively archive Projects from a Category. Instead of Archiving, having a ‘Hide’ function would be just as useful (I think). You already have this functionality for Categories. Could hiding projects in Categories be possible?

Just wanted to mention my work around for this… I simply move the projects to a specific category called “Archive” and I just collapse this category and not expand it until needed.

But a true archive option would be neat as well.
Thanks for all the great work though


I´d like to have the option to archive a project until a certain date. Then, the project reappears in the usual list view in the sidebar.

That sounds like a “snooze” option, correct? I don’t think we’ll offer this option soon, the archiving function itself is on our roadmap.

Is this feature already working? How do I archive projects?

No not yet, still in the works…

Is this feature already working? How do I archive projects?

Not yet, it will be part of the upcoming v9 update

When do you think the v9 update will be live?

Shouldn’t be long, hopefully beginning of next week


Update: Archiving of Projects is now part of the Agenda 9.0 update :confetti_ball: