Archiving notes

Any chance we can have an archive function? Just archive the projects that are completed. Thanks a lot!


Yes, both an archiving and trash can functionality are on our to-do list.


I just want to add my support to this feature which I think is crucially to keep Agenda an agile and relevant project manager.

At the moment it is possible to export and then delete a project. But this just doesn’t seem like the most direct option for keeping notes and the app tied together on a permanent basis.

Thanks for working on this.


I completely agree with this feature request.

I would like to move across from Evernote (Yup, I know that this isn’t Evernote) for all meeting notes including Prep for meetings (Which the dated notes is brill for)

But without the ability to archive notes and projects whilst still having the ability to easily search for them Agenda will quickly become a mess which is a nightmare to navigate. Is there any timeframe on when Archiving might be available.

I see this as a crucial feature as exporting and deleting notes would make agenda far less useful.

Apologies, I forgot to add this:

Ideally any archive feature must be able to work solely on macOS or iOS. I will only ever use Agenda on iPad and iPhone.

This is certainly still on the radar, yes. Note though that almost certainly we will go for the option where archiving will not make things show up in search (unless you explicitly opt-in to include it). The main purpose of the archive would be declutter both the sourcelist as well as search lists, removing projects that are not relevant anymore, whilst still preserving your old notes and projects in case they ever become relevant again.

If you just want projects to some place to declutter the sidebar, but still want to search them, I would suggest you simply create an Archive category and move your projects there, then collapse that category to not take up any space. Same thing if you see the archive as some way to mark a project as completed.

This is true for all features so far, that’s indeed always the goal.


If you’re like me you came here because you have old cumbersome and distracting notes but for whatever reason you don’t want to delete them. Well, I personally just discovered that notes are collapsable! By collapsing old notes I only see a list of old note titles underneath my newest (open/expanded) notes!

Since I had no idea notes were collapsable, I think linking to info about how to use this nifty feature is relevant:


That’s great. I like the way you search in Omnifocus. Where once you’ve searched you can select Here (In the view you’re looking at), Remaining (Still active tasks and projects) or Everything (this could include archived content)

So if you search and don’t see what you’re looking for, you can choose a different “focus”

Also supporting this request! I wish there were an archive option that puts archived/completed notes “aside” more strongly relatively to active notes, as collapsing them and moving them down is not enough. It woudl be great to be able to move them even “further down”. Thanks!

I don’t think we’ll support archiving of notes anytime soon, we plan to add support archiving of projects. We are thinking of adding the option to pin notes to the bottom, just like you can pin them to the top. This would be the equivalent of archiving them in a way where they’d permanently stick to the bottom of the project. Together with the ability to collapse that should give enough options within the project. From there or alternatively you could move notes to a different project for more permanent archiving if you want them no longer at all present in the project.


+1 archiving projects would be super helpful (not particularly interested in archiving individual notes though)

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Another vote for archiving projects. Definitely need to declutter as I’ve started to use Agenda for work and home. So many projects! It’s been a relief to brain dump them all here and organize them so they’re never forgotten. But it’s getting busy in the sidebar. In the meantime, thanks for the idea of the archive project folder. Also, I love Agenda. My brain is sighing with RELIEF. Great work and very much appreciated.

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Please allow also to search archive - as an additional option… imo this is must have

That would be an acceptable temporary workaround to pin to the bottom, that’s not the same as archiving projects, not at all - i have “projects” that will run forever, so having to archive them priodically and crate new is cumbersome and creates unnecessary - see how Bear does it… this is really the Gold Standard for me.

Hi Alexander,

I don’t see this as an acceptable alternative. I want as much clutter out of the way as possible. That means the ability to archive both notes and projects so that they are invisible on a day to day basis, but accessible by search or by going to an archive.

Too much unnecessary information is a distraction and will make me unable to focus properly.

This on top of the ability to focus on a single note are key requirements for me.

I’d like to have the ability to archive notes, as long as I can still search them.

+1 keep up the great work :wink: