Archiving note?

I know I can archive projects, which is great, but can I archive notes within a project? There’s a lot of clutter in some of my projects, of things that I need to keep for reference but are not immediately important. The project is still active, but specific notes are “done”. It seems the only option is to archive the project and make a new one? Or make a second project and assign it to archives? Seems clunky. Thanks!

You can’t archive a note at this point, but we have some things that are similar. Eg. You can collapse a note, so you only see the title. You can also turn a note into a footnote, which will pin it to the bottom of the list.

It is possible to mark a note as “Done”, but at this stage this does not hide the note. In future, we may add an option to do that, which would effectively be archiving.