Archiving and Focus mode

Very much enjoing the app - nice work! Two quick questions/ideas (sorry if this is redundant):

  • An archive option for notes would help me weed out projects without losing information. I might be missing something, but I don’t see how to do it currently. I created an “archive” category and a big inbox as a stop gap (but this requires tagging notes with project b/c I think they lose their project designations when moved)
  • It would be awesome to add typewriter scrolling and/or a focus mode to make it easier to focus on long and complicated notes (not a must have, but would be nice!).

Thanks and keep up the great work!


Great to hear you like Agenda! Both have indeed been mentioned, archiving is already on the todo list. Focus mode is discussed in this topic, we’re still thinking about what the best solution would be.

Not clear what you’ve planned for archiving, so adding a request for archiving indivudal notes not just whole projects.

In my projects I’m finding that some notes I’ll want to put on the Agenda, because they are a focus of my work this day, and there are others in the same project that I want to see when I look at the whole project, and finally there are some, mainly old tasks, that I don’t want to see but I want to be able to refer to if I need to later. These need to be in an archive.

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Don’t think we’ll add a specific way to archive individual notes, there are sufficient alternatives in our opinion:

  • move a note to after the last note of a project (⌥⌃⌘ ↓)
  • collapse a note to only show its header (possibly in combination with the previous item)
  • move a note to an “Archive” project (and a truly archived project once that option arrives).

Thanks for that. Not sure I understand the third option - without the context of it’s original project, a note moved to an “Archive” project will often have little meaning. I’m thinking here of short notes that are primarily jottings and to dos.

Just tried moving a note.

  1. The keyboard commands don’t seem to work, though menu commands do.
  2. Can’t find a menu for "move a note to after the last note of a project (⌥⌃⌘ ↓)”
  3. If the note has a date, I get this:

Dragging the note to its new location would leave it inconsistently sorted compared to the other notes with a date. You can choose to remove the date for the dragged note and move it, or cancel and leave it in its old position.

For many notes, removing the date in order to move it out of sight, will also make the note pretty useless! The sort of note I’m thinking is a dated note where I’ve recorded that I called someone and they said they’d do something. Once it’s done I want to archive it, but be able to find it and quote it if necessary - without the date, I don’t know when it was that they said they’d do something!

Of course, and I’m thinking out loud here, as the number of dated notes grows, older, and less current, stuff will naturally get pushed to the bottom out of sight. I’m thinking, how will I make sense of, and access the relevant bits of so many notes?

If I’m in actively working on a project I just want to focus on the relevant notes in that particlar project. I need a way to flag the ‘relevant’ notes - I was thinking on the Agenda did that. But then I’m distracted by the other projects that also have Agenda-worthy notes. Could Agenda have an option to just show one project?

Then if I need to get an overview of a whole project, being able to see all notes by date order makes sense. Here a date created and date modified option could be useful - this could give a list of ‘recent notes’ in the specfic project. The ‘Recently edited’ list in the sidebar has a different function because it include ALL notes, not just those in the current project (very useful but different need). There might be an argument for giving all notes a date even if one might decide to ‘Agenda’ a note or sort it manually.

sorry it’s a bit of ramble again. I think what’s behind all this is the GTD principle of writing everything down, and then only looking at the bits you need to at the moment. Writing stuff in Agenda is easy, I’m struggling to see how to focus on the stuff I need to work on.

I think it’s fair to say that it requires a bit of time to try some different things until you find a methodology that works well for you, there’s many ways you can approach things and not a single right one.

Is Archiving feature still in the making ? when can we expect it ? btw, I just started using the app on my phone, ipad and Mac and I’m liking it very much. good job guys!!

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It’s still on the list, no ETA yet. Great to hear you like Agenda so much!