Archiving a category?

I’ve just finished a long contract for a client. I have a category “client X” with around 20 projects in it. I want to archive all this.

But there’s no option to archive the category, just individual projects. I’d like to remove the category Client X from the sidebar to keep it tidy. But if I delete the category, all projects are moved to the archive for other projects. I don’t want these projects mixed up with other projects. If I need to refer to them in future, I want them all in one place.

The ability to archive a category and subcategories would be helpful.


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see if this could be done.


I found this thread searching for how to do the same thing. Adding a +1 that this would be a super useful feature to have!

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Fully agree. I want to archive closed file subcategories within a larger client project and I can’t seem to do it.