Archive Notes within Projects

I would like to be able to archive past notes within a project, without archiving the whole project.

I happen to have “perpetual” or “ongoing” projects, like “Home” or “Children”, that always get new things in, but it is never done to archive.

I think moving notes to a separate project for archival is not the right way, it breaks the relationship where the note belongs to the project.

I can see this as an option to “archive note”, that will push it to the bottom in a separate collapsable section of “archived” notes.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll certainly take it along.

Here are some workarounds for now…

  1. You can turn notes into “footnotes”, which pin to the bottom
  2. You can collapse notes you don’t need quick access to
  3. You could generate archive projects manually after a period of time. Eg. Home 2023, Home 2024. (I use this approach for my inbox in mail)

We’ll consider the archiving of notes. It is something we have definitely talked about.

Kind regards,