Archive “notebook” and create a new one?


I am switiching jobs and plan to continue to use Agenda. In OneNote, it is set up as notebooks, with sections in each notebook, with pages in each section. In Agenda, is there a way to archive all of my current projects and categories in one grouping (like archiving a OneNote notebook), and creating a new “notebook?” I can only seem to delete the Category, which isn’t an option.

In short, I am looking to have a clean slate of Categories and Projects in one view and as needed, go back to the old view of my projects and categories of the job I am about to leave, in case there is something that I need to go back and find.



We don’t have any way to archive your data and have it still be accessible, other than the built in Archiving at the Project level.

If I were you, I would probably just create a new category called “Old Job” or whatever, and drag all the other categories into it. Then you have a single root level category for the old stuff.