Arabic Font

Arabic Font is really ugly in the app! :frowning: If the ability to change the font is not possible, can’t we at least have the updated mac os default arabic font?!

What is the current default Arabic Font Apple uses? And is that also the one you’d prefer?

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What is currently used in Agenda is Geeza Pro. Apple uses the New San Francisco as default font (With it’s arabic version). So at least to use the updated system standard typeface.
If there’s a way that we can modifiy the font’s ourself (from preferences for example) that would be really great!
Thank you for all you are doing… For making Agenda a great app… I think there is an amazing potential in it… it keeps getting better everyday…

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see what can be done!

Update: a quick note to let you know that you can now change the note font to the system font if you prefer in Agenda 15, see it in action here