Apple Pencil issues

What I did: Started writing notes with Apple Pencil 2

What happened: The cursor keeps moving as I write. Commonly highlighting the title text and replacing title once I finish writing. Also run into other issues if my palm touches the iPad at all.

What I expected: Being able to edit and write notes using the Apple Pencil without worrying that my hand touching the screen would count as writing.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Regular iPad 2020 version, Apple Pencil. Both purchased recently and updated.

I just started using Agenda. I don’t have a Mac just iPad and iPhone. Sorry if this is an issue already mentioned in support. I’m a heavy Apple Pencil user looking for an app that’s integrated for Apple Pencil and agenda-like features. This may not be the app for me. Would love to get some more input before I keep using it and hating it. Maybe I need to find something else but I already paid for premium. I wanna try before I give up. TIA!

Can you be more specific about where you are seeing these issues? Do you mean Apple’s Scribble technology, where you just write on the note itself, and the text gets inserted? Or do you mean you are using the + button to add a drawing, and writing or drawing full screen?

I’m afraid many aspects of Scribble are controlled by Apple. Things like palm detection are not within our control.

(I am assuming you have the latest iPad iOS with the Scribble technology.)