Apple Intelligence and App Intents

Well…WWDC '24. What are the thoughts from the Agenda team and communicate now? Looks like some interesting new capabilities that Agenda may or may not want to follow depending on how Agenda is to be positioned. Is it to open its data to Siri through Apple Intelligence? Not use it because of perception of privacy issues (real or not). App Intents? Is Siri (voice or typed) allowed to control the application? Do the use cases justify it? I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

I’m not in any way connected to the Agenda team, but the one thing that might affect the Agenda software specifically is the news that reminders and the calendar will be integrated. That’s the most obvious item that will be affected.

Until more is understood about how Apple Intelligence works with their API, it will be hard to identify any specific ways to apply Apple Intelligence to Agenda.

One topic covered briefly in the Keynote that would fit nicely with my use case was the live transcription features added to Notes/Voice Memos/Phone. Does anyone know if this is an open framework that will be available to third-party apps like Agenda?

I’d love to be able to record all of my client meetings (with consent of course) and have an accurate transcription captured right in Agenda so I can spend more time being present in meetings instead of spending all of my time making notes.

Using the also announced AI text tool to then summarize the meeting transcription would then be a logical next step for adding a header to each meeting note for quick reference.

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I try not to get excited about a new OS until it’s a full release and since Lion have not updated before xx.1 :warning: My near term concern now is directed at possible Agenda delays in current fixes and improvements due to changes needed for compatibility.

It is pretty much what we had expected. There don’t seem to be many hooks there for developers, but developers do benefit from system level improvements.

It seems text in general will get the summarizing etc, but we are still investigating if we will get all that with how Agenda works.

I doubt transcription will be open to 3rd parties this time round, but will certainly look into it.

App Intents are already abundant in Agenda for shortcuts. We will augment them to make sure Agenda works well with the new Siri features and Spotlight.

Still digesting everything though, so take all this with a bucket of salt.


Excellent response. Thank you.

Agenda should take maximum advantage of App Intents, which both enable Siri to do things for the user in the app, as well as enable lots of Watch scenarios.

The data question is a simple one - Agenda should fully support it; the user will be able to decide whether or not to give permission to Apple Intelligence through Settings - but I can assure you that I will definitely want Siri to be able to look, for example, for an email from my dentist with my next appointment date and time in it, and use that information to create a note in Agenda with some standard checklist items, and a spot to add any questions I might want to ask the dentist, and then link it to my calendar at the appointment time, maybe add some reminders, etc.

Yes, that is the plan. We already have many intents, and will extend that for the new stuff.

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