Apple Calendar attachments in Agenda Notes automatically?

I would like very much to see files already attached to events in Apple Calendar in Agenda Notes automatically.
Other notes from Calendar pop up already, which is one of the usp’s for me.

Or is it already there and I just don’t see the functionality?

Johan Olie

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t expose the attachments to calendar events to outside the calendar app, which means we can’t import them unfortunately, which indeed would make sense to do if we could.

That is a pity!
And what if I put an attachment link in the notes?

If you add a URL to the event it will be imported as is, so that will work if it’s a link to a document in the cloud for example.

I’m pretty new here and it’s my 1st day with AGENDA.

The main reason for installing the app and buying the premium version was to have much more comfortable access to the notes within the Apple calendar. But now it seems that especially this function is not possible.

Do you have any workaround? If not, would it be possible to cancel the premium version?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

I thought notes in the iOS calendar did show up in Agenda Notes. They did once. Is this feature gone?

Please bring it back

Currently it is possible to edit the calendar item out of AGENDA and what can be changed?

  • headline
  • date & time
  • calendar type
  • position
  • URL and
  • alarm.

Why not the notes section?

It does import the notes from the calendar when you create a new note linked to the event, or link an empty note to the event. Once a note as content it won’t replace the contents with the event notes anymore, nor will they stay in sync if you later change the notes in the calendar for the event.

We don’t allow editing the notes from within Agenda as we feel it would create too much confusion between Calendar Event notes and Agenda notes.

Hi Alex,

thanks for your feedback.

would create too much confusion between Calendar Event notes and Agenda notes

Within the basic version of AGENDA it was mentioned, that the premium version get’s access to the Calendar Events. And now you explain that this is not possible. So for my understanding the statement from the basic version is not correct.

And exactly this was the reason for me to do the upgrade.

Would it be possible, to downgrade back to the basic version?

In my eyes this would be a fair solution.

Thanks and regards,

Here you can find exactly how we describe the feature, we don’t mention anything explicitly or particularly about the notes field of events: Get All Features

Create and edit calendar events and reminders from within Agenda. Events appear in the Calendar app, and reminders in the Reminders app, from where they are synced to all devices. Note that showing and linking to calendar events and reminders doesn’t require a premium feature.

I don’t think there’s anything misleading about the above statement.