Append-to-note often overwrites last item

I have a Shortcut that allows me to quickly add text to a pre-existing note using append-to-note.

On both iOS and Mac the shortcut sometimes (not always) overwrites the last item (a bullet point list item) on the page rather than appending to the list.

Anyone else experienced this? I sync using iCloud (but I did check the note was intact on the device before running the shortcut.)

My shortcut. The call to Agenda is right at the end. Shortcuts

Are you perhaps editing the note at the moment you run the shortcut?

A quick test suggests if the edit cursor is somewhere in the note when running the shortcut the issue happens. When it’s in another note, it’s doesn’t.

My shortcut is updating my ‘daily note’ so it’s very likely the cursor will be there!

Ok, yes, that’s what I thought, we’ll try to make this work better.

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Update: in the upcoming Agenda 14.1 update this should be fixed

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