Append content "On the Agenda" to existing note



Hi there,

In my daily workflow at work I create several notes: minutes of meetings, brainstormings, trainings… and so on. But only a small part of that scattered content is translated into action points on my agenda. So I don’t find myself using “On my Agenda” view, as I have to review every note and extract the important content, just to create a new note that will show there.

However, it would be different if it were possible to send selected content from different notes to a compilation of contents of different notes, dynamically. For example:

Carlos suggests a shift in the development process of the company (Read that book about Agile testing in order to give feedback to Carlos.) #ontheagenda

And then, at “On the Agenda” view, we could see the contents like in a timeline, along some metadata like:

  • Description.
  • Date content was added.
  • Link to the note it comes from.
  • Project the note belongs to.
  • Associated event.

which we could choose to show/hide. Actually, if we think about “On the Agenda” view as consisting of a single note, we could still send entire notes there (as inline elements of that “compilation note”), keeping the feature that it actually provides (tapping on the inline preview of the note could take as to that note).

What do you guys think about this?

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Something like this, with content coming automatically from different notes to the timeline “On the Agenda”:


Part of what you describe is already possible, i.e. use that exact #ontheagenda tag, then search for it across all projects and save it as a smart overview (premium feature). That gives you a dynamic, auto-updating overview of all notes containing ontheagenda tags. Down the road we hope to offer more options as to how those overviews are displayed, including a more “compact” view, resulting in pretty much what you describe.