Appearance preference

Thanks for the continued work on Agenda!

A minor issue I found after updating to 2.4:
On Mac 10.13.6 preference „System“ and „Light“ seem to result in an identical look. The yellowish look of the previous version is gone unfortunately.
Menu item „Dark“ is greyed out at times although still selectable.

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The issue of the menu being grayed out will be fixed in the next update.

Even on 10.13 System is different from light in that System can mean Dark if you have the option for a dark menu and dock enabled in the system preferences. If you don’t then indeed system equals the light theme.

Finally, the orange is gone if you have enabled the Graphite theme in the system preferences, which I guess is the case?

Thanks Alexander - got it now. Still find this somewhat confusing…

Great feature to have Agenda notes change color with the theme in system preferences. But why is it yellow if the theme is blue? It is yellow with yellow…

The blue theme is what we consider the default system look. Under this condition we use our own design, like we have done from the beginning.