Appearance option to add more of the gold theme color to the UI

The UI looks so similar to MacOS native apps, that I sometimes lose the Agenda Window under a stack of open windows, unless I see the gold “On the Agenda” icon in the top left corner or the gold “Add New Notes” icon in the top right.

Dealing with my astigmatism and being diagnosed with dyslexia and attention disorder would benefit from a obvious visual cue like other apps use of color like, Whatsapp, Telegram, Teams, Steam, VScode, and Weather.

I suggest adding the color to more UI elements for a starter, like: the bottom left icons, move the community icon to the bottom right and fill it with gold, add a gold fill to the sidebar bumpers, change the color of the category names, tint the scroll bar. You can use a light touch or go full tint.

Allow users to toggle it.

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Thanks for the feedback. We’ll take it along.

Note that Agenda actually has quite unique buttons top-left. They are hollow. You could use that as a cue too.

Worth taking a look at the new Stage Manager feature too. It shows just one window at a time. It is a nice way to avoid clutter and keep organized, and you can identify the small windows by the app icon.

Stage Manager is available in macOS 13 Ventura, which is a free upgrade, and came out a few days ago.

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