App store or independent download?

I just noticed that the app store now has Agenda within it. Is the version there any different from the one I downloaded independently?

Generally I like having app store stuff because my computer doesn’t go through that whole thing of not recognizing the developer (and that’s supposed to be a one-time thing but it often happens again!)

Is the version listed there the same as the current one I have via the website? Also, if I were to download the app store version, would I be able to open my current notes within it? Or somehow transfer them? And would this forum still be available from within it?


At the moment the Mac App Store and direct download (Paddle) versions are exactly the same (except for the ability to switch to beta versions, for which you need the latter). You can also switch between both versions seamlessly (just make sure you have an Agenda account, logging in will enable any premium features you bought).

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That’s brilliant, thanks!