App Not Responding on Mac

Whenever I open Agenda on my Mac Desktop, it freezes and I end up having to Force Quit it. Sometimes it loads and when I click on the app, I can start adding a note, but then it ultimately freezes again.

I am running Mac OS 10.13.5 with Agenda 2.2.1

We’re sorry to hear that. Could you take a sample of the app when it hangs?
Could you do the following when the application starts freezing:

  • open the Activity Monitor app (which you find inside your Applications folder under Utilities)
  • select Agenda (it should appear in red) in the list of applications
  • take a sample (using the button in the toolbar)
  • email us the sample report at

That should allow us to see what the app is doing while it hangs.

Also, does the (which you also find inside your Applications folder under Utilities) output any Agenda related error messages?
Best wishes,

Thanks for the instructions. The app is frozen now, so I just emailed the sample report.

Thank you, I’ve sent a follow up request.