App latency


After the last two updates, Agenda records a latency on writing, delete and undo. This is a bit annoying. Does anyone report the same?


As we wrote in our newsletter on Thursday:

… we want to concentrate on improving performance and existing features like undo. In other words, improve the foundation of Agenda, so that we can start to introduce great new features in a few months.

So yes, this will be our main focus for the coming weeks.



Is there an update on this topic?
The latency in long notes is specifically annoying and the undo is not working properly.
I love Agenda but I need to trust the app.
I have already lost important text and information because these functions do not work properly.
I need to trust the app to part of my professional work if not I have to look for another solution, another app, and I do not want to work with another app. It’s been several years for me to try several apps and I do not have time for more learning and testing curves.
Could you take care of this asap?

We’re currently waiting for Apple to approve the 4.1 update for iOS (the 4.1 update for Mac went through review already and is pending release), hopefully we can release it tonight or tomorrow. The 4.1 update brings the much improved undo we promised as well as a number of performance improvements. We continue to work on performance over the coming weeks and aim to tackle slow editing of long notes next.

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Thank you, that sounds awesome!