App is super slow with 300+ images

What I did:
In a project I pasted more than 300+ images.

What happened:

Agenda is hanging, super slow, taking minutes to respond

What I expected:
No slowness. Should function as normal

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

My Agenda App became super slow, after I started to use copying images.

In a project I have more than 300+ images. I thought of using this instead of keynote in Mac

But your app is super slow. Please rectify I have exams in few days. I have use these notes

I am unable to attach logs which is awkward. Says I am a new user :slight_smile:

Agenda Version : 5.5
OS: Mac OS High Sierra
Model: Macbook Pro 9,2

I have the log. Unable to attach. so I have mailed to support team few mins before

Thanks, got it

I’m afraid the app was not really intended for this purpose. We will try to optimize it, but it is a text editor, not a file organizer, so it will probably always be slower than a dedicated file app like Files.

Hey Drew . There is a businees opportunity here. Please advise your dev/design/sales/product/management team that using the Agenda in place of powerpoint is much simpler and make sense, for review of slides.

When your dev/design team envisioned the picture mode they should have foreseen this.
I wonder why they missed. But right now there is an opportunity.

Hi Siva,

Drew and I are the dev/design/sales/product/management team :smiley:

I appreciate there’s an opportunity and a need for a simple tool there but we also have to make sure Agenda stays focused and doesn’t try to solve all problems.

Best wishes,


Hi Alex,

Ok I got the point. :grinning: