App freezes while making drawing and turning off/on iPad

When I am drawing a picture and pause for a while, so my iPad will suspend, when I wake up my iPad again, the picture will be shown, the toolbox is active (I can choose pen and colour) but the picture is frozen and I cannot get back to the note. There is no ‘done’ button. If I close the app (swipe away) and open again, situation is back to normal again and nothing is lost.
Same situation occurs when turning off (putting to sleep) the iPad with the power button and turning it on again. I use an iPad Pro with Apple-Pen, newest iOS, newest Agenda-release.

Hmm, that is odd. We haven’t heard about this from anyone else. If you can think of any other possible “trigger” for this, let us know.

I assume it doesn’t happen if you just quickly switch to another app and back again, right? Is it only if the app is in the background for a while?

Hi Drew
Thanks for the quick response, beyond my expectations! I am already enjoying Agenda app very very much. Great work!
I did some more testing. After swiping away (closing) all open apps, after reboot, the freeze still happens. Freezing while drawing with pencil means in my case: with fingers as well as pencil, I still can select tools, I can minimize the toolbar, I can zoom in on the canvas, move it, but cannot draw on the canvas with the pencil. Also, on the top of the Screen, the done button is missing, so I can’t get back to my note. The screen will rotate as well, rotating the iPad. I have no other choice than to quit the Agenda-app and start it again. Nothing will be lost however, which is great!
This all happens when the app is put to the background (swipe the app or double klick the button to select another app, I used the agenda app, the only other open app), and get it back to the foreground, as well as turning the iPad to sleep and wake it up. Time doesn’t seem to matter here.
I use an iPad Pro (12.9 inch), model ML0U2TY/A, iPadOS V13.1.3. Agenda newest version…
I hope this will help you a bit. I can get around this issue, so it is of minor priority I guess. Thanks for taking a look into it. And thanks for your great work on the great app.

Thank you for the feedback. I have this in my list for testing. Sorry for the delay.

Hi Drew,
Thanks! If I can help Testing in any way, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.