App freezes on iOS when opening a specific project

What I did:

I maintain a project with pictures, text, etc. on both iOS and macOS. The project opens in the latter without any issue; when trying to open it on my iPhone, the app freezes and crashes.

I can still edit it on macOS.

How can I fix this?

Running up-to-date versions of the app and OS on both platforms (16 July 2023).

Thanks in advance for your support.

The problem is most likely that the app runs out of memory on the iPhone if you try to open a project with very large images or PDFs, could this be the case? The memory limits on a mobile device are much more constraint than on a Mac. Do you know what note or project triggers this specifically? If so, by collapsing all notes on your Mac and let it sync over you could perhaps narrow it down to the specific note/attachment that is causing the issue.

I tried it, but to no avail.
The project in question has only 4-5 notes, with 2 embedded images in total. I doubt memory is an issue in this case.
What else could I try doing?
Thanks in advance

Are you sending the crashes each time when the app asks you? We can possibly track them down.

Something you could try is to export the project on the Mac using Agenda File format. Import it again, to give you a copy of the original project. See if that copied project can be opened on the iPhone once it syncs. If everything looks to be working, you could remove the original project.


Well, iOS never asks to send crashes – maybe should I change a setting somewhere?

I gave another try today, and apparently it seems to be working as expected. This is weird as I didn’t change anything on my end ?!

I’ll keep monitoring and will report back.

Thanks anyways for your suggestions.


Odd. Glad it at least is working again.

I’m facing the problem again. The project has definitely grown up in size. Hence my question: is there a known limit about the project size that can be managed on iOS?
Thanks for your support.

There is no built-in limit. My guess is that more than 100 notes in a project could start to slow a bit.

Are you seeing slowness, or a complete freeze? Is the slowness in scrolling or typing? If it is scrolling, does it improve after you scroll up and down in the project a few times?