Any way to check to see if a note with a given title already exists?

Here is the scenario, I want to write a workflow that will append information to a note in a project where the title of the note is today’s date. I can do this using x-callback, unless the note with today’s date hasn’t been created yet.

Is there a way to use workflows to see if there is already a note to write to? I am hoping there is a way to write an if statement to either append or create new notes as necessary.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to handle something like this?

Thank you in advance

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This kind of functionality would become possible once we add the “read” side of the x-callback-urls. Right now you can only write information to Agenda, but you can’t yet retrieve information from Agenda. This is something we’d like to make possible down the line. Stay tuned!

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That makes sense. Thank you for getting back to me. Keep up the amazing work!

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