Any plans to allow changing size of note title font?

I would prefer that note title could be made smaller. For me it wold be better if it was the same size (or maybe a little bit bigger) than the note body font - but still bolder. As well the option to let the title wrap (multiline) could be helpful.

What version of Agenda are you using? Since Agenda v10 the titles of notes should wrap to multiple lines. Making them smaller isn’t a good idea as it would make it very hard to instantly view the beginning and end of different notes. Perhaps the issue is the granularity of your notes (e.g. you are making too many smaller notes perhaps where it would make more sense to make a slightly bigger single note with headings in the note body?)

Thanks for your response. That could be true aout the granularity of notes. I’m newly returning to Agenda so grain of salt with anything I say as I’m still trying to get “settled in”. Although I do feel that the way the headings look in the “On The Agenda” feels better to me (the top level looks great - in my opinion the 2nd lever where it says “To Do” could be smaller):