Any new features planned for visionOS

Now that Vision Pro is in pre-order, do you have any features planned for visionOS? Will you allow the current iPad version to run on Vision Pro?

Inquiring minds would like to know?

We did some work on the iPad app for vision last week. Fixed a few things that were not working so good.

The iPad app seems to work well on visionOS, and we are making it available.

The move to a full vision native app is undecided at this point. It depends a lot how the platform develops. It would be quite a big task to make a fully native version of Agenda there.


I’ve got a Vision Pro on the way, and I couldn’t be more excited. And one of the reasons I’m coming back to Agenda, after brief dalliances with Obsidian and Reflect, and a few other apps in this space, is because it’s a native app, not one of these weirdo-feeling non-native Electron-based Franken-apps.

So I’m excited to see what this first version looks like in visionOS, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for what we might someday see when the team that so thoughtfully designs the Mac, iOS, and iPad versions finally takes a crack at something Vision-native.


Yes, important to point out that we didn’t make a native port of Agenda on vision yet. That is a big job, and for the future (likely).

I have been porting other apps to platform, and learning how everything works there. Should help if/when we come to move over Agenda.