Any direction focused with Agenda?



For a very long time (approx 3 years I guess) I was searching and investigating for the right tool which fits perfectly as a slip box (in German language „Zettelkasten“ hardcore used by German sociologist Niklas Luhmann).
I was using two tools but now Agenda exists! :star_struck:

All the functions in Agenda are almost perfect for using it as a very nice slip box. Agenda is clean and the „link to“ function along with the temporal indication in a note are one of the killer features for me. And I cannot understand why other note taking apps are not able to do the same!

Do you have an overview how all the people are using or abusing Agenda for there works? Would be interessting which direction you are focused in the future!

Would also be great if you include more functions which make Agenda more useful for people like me :grin:

Thanks for your great work and keep on! :hugs:


Glad you are enjoying Agenda!

We have the Talk area setup as a place to post about ways you are using the app:


Sorry this is so long after, but I’m just seeing this: would you please share how you use Agenda for Zettelkasten? Thanks!